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This little house was very sad when we purchased it in August 2017. After a lot of hard work, sweat equity, a few meltdowns, and a great outpouring of love into the labor, we’ve restored its integrity. Here are a few “before and after” photos of our journey to bring this lovely little cottage house back to life. Built in 1945, it was originally the parsonage for the Warm Springs Baptist Church. It was sold in the early 1970s and has since housed a number of different commercial businesses.

We would love to have copies of photos of what it looked like between 1945 and the 1970s. If you know anyone who lived here or visited here and is willing to share photos, please ask them to contact us!

June 2017 388

Feb 2018

Apr 2017 337


Carpentry by Rick Pendergraft and team.
Painting by Shawn Glover and team.
Before the transformation began!
Above:The shop as it looked right before we bought it in August 2017. On our first look in April, we had paths about a foot and a half wide in which to walk between rooms.
No, that’s not mold on the bathroom walls. Many years ago, someone had used roofing glue to attach faux tile panels to the original plaster walls. It must’ve been the patch-all, because we found it in other rooms. The plaster walls were so badly damaged that we couldn’t save them, so we installed beadboard.


July 2017 (36)


Above: Our inspector did the best he could in a house full of stuff, but even he couldn’t find all the outlets and floor vents! We made a number of interesting discoveries after the house was completely cleared, including one electrical outlet with newspaper stuffed behind it for insulation.

The first things we did were to tear out the rotted ceiling tiles, the rotten cabinets and fixtures in the bathroom and kitchen, pull dozens of nails out of the walls and window/door casings, and paint over the entire interior as well as the ceilings that were salvageable.

That roofing glue is the reason we couldn’t save the original hardwood we discovered in the kitchen. Many years ago, someone glued plywood and then two layers of linoleum on top of that beautiful oak. Even a drum sander and countless chemicals couldn’t remove that old glue, so we had to cover it up with vinyl strips. It looks nice now, but we were so very disappointed that we could not save that floor.


July 2017 (32)



Above: The hardest part of re-doing the ceiling was not only pulling all the nails and staples out of the existing grid of 1x4s, (which had been installed many years ago onto the original plaster ceiling), but installing a plywood underlayment over the grid. The easy part was gluing up new ceiling tiles onto the smooth surface. These beautiful decorative tiles are made of styrofoam! For more information, visit their website
Above: Jennifer scraped at least four layers of paint off that original bookshelf!

1a21bIMG_20171107_153329001      IMG_20171130_132621247_HDRApr 2017 313   8a

We added a new ramp for ease of access from the courtyard side.
As of January 2018, the carpentry was finished and the painting was in progress. We had to wait for the weather to warm up a little to wrap up the final details!
Dec 2017
Brett and Blake installed our front walkway. The bricks are from the owner’s family home in Sandy Springs, Georgia, built in 1953.


Candlelight 2018 was beautiful!

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