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Take a look at the photos below! If you see something you want to purchase, call, email, or message us. We’ll hold it here for pickup or we can ship it to you! We are working on our online cart right now, but in the meantime, we’re happy to take orders if you’ll message or email us.

What does “Made in America” really mean? Read those labels – we do! Sometimes it can mean that a product is only assembled in the USA from imported components. That’s not good enough for us! Traditionally, the Federal Trade Commission has required that a product advertised as Made in USA be “all or virtually all” made in the U.S. That means the product must contain no or negligible foreign content.

We can assure you that every item we carry in The Bluebird Cottage is manufactured in the USA. But we take it a step further than that.

When we shop for our inventory, we always ask prospective vendors, “where do you get your raw materials? Where are your glass jars made? Where is your fabric made? Where is your packaging made?” We strive to offer items that are made in America from American materials. If we know of a particular part that isn’t domestic, we’ll tell you. When you come right down to it, the cacao in chocolate candy isn’t exactly domestic! We can’t find nightlight parts or small light bulbs made in the USA – they simply don’t exist. Cinnamon and nutmeg aren’t domestic, but they’re delicious in our domestically-produced candy, honey, and jellies. There may be some fragrances and essential oils in our soaps and lotions that are not manufactured in the USA, but the overwhelming majority of the components is American. We chose our gift bags, tissue, ribbon, and labels because they’re made right here in the USA from domestic materials.

We carry a variety of Warm Springs and Georgia souvenirs including postcards, ornaments, mugs, and magnets, and of course, they’re all American-made. #AmericanMade #MadeintheUSA #MadeinAmerica #USAMade

Scroll down for a list of our outstanding vendors and descriptions of the products we carry. Happy shopping!

A BLUEBIRD COTTAGE EXCLUSIVE! Here’s our very own Warm Springs Georgia souvenir ornament, featuring Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s Little White House. It’s a great gift any time of the year. Only $19.95, and 100% made in the USA (materials & labor) by Beacon Design (formerly ChemArt), a veteran-owned business.

LWH ornament


We have a variety of ornaments, magnets, and postcards, plus Georgia peach gifts and souvenirs. 

*Georgia based business




The South Candle  (pictured above) Each soy candle is topped with a boll of real Alabama cotton! Take home a little bit of the South and enjoy these soft, unobtrusive fragrances including Sweet Tea, Antebellum (our two best sellers!) Magnolia, Gunpowder, Gardenia, Coffee Bean, Sunday Brunch, and Cozy Cabin. We love that they burn all the way down and don’t leave any wax on the sides of the glass. All candles are made in Birmingham, Alabama. Available in mini ($13) and large ($34.)

Lifetime Candles by White River Designs  Best seller! The Lifetime Candles continue to be a top seller! These unique oil candles come in a variety of sizes and designs, including Red Berry, Coastal Berry, White Berry, Fruit Bowl, Seashell, Dragonfly, Hummingbird, and Honeybee, as well as the Monarch, Purple, and Blue Butterfly patterns. The fiberglass wick never needs replacing, and the clear unscented lamp oil is available here as well as at any home improvement store. Fragrance-free. Christmas designs include Santa, a snowman, Winter Red Berry, and a lovely Red Cardinal. Yes, we can ship! Shipping costs based on zip code & weight of package. We will ship flat-rate USPS whenever possible.

Sizes are cube or oval ($31.95), small cylinder ($67), cylinder ($95), and brandy vase ($115). LED light bases available (not USA made): black plastic battery LED $19.95; electric or battery wood base (light or dark wood) $26.95.

Red berry: cube, oval, small cylinder, cylinder, brandy.

Blue, Purple, or Monarch Butterfly: small cylinder (1 butterfly), cylinder (2 butterflies).

Seashell: cube, oval, sunburst, small cylinder, cylinder.

Hummingbird: oval and sunburst

Dragonfly: oval

Sunflower: small cylinder and cylinder

White Berry: small cylinder, cylinder, brandy

Coastal berry (light blue & white with seashells): cube, oval, small cylinder, cylinder

Fruit bowl: small cylinder, cylinder


Pictured below left: Sunburst, cylinder, ginger vase, XL cylinder, cube, and oval in seashell.

Below right: Blue butterfly in small cylinder, brandy vase, and cylinder.





Alice’s Cottage  Beautiful floral and nature designs printed on gourmet gift totes, flour sack kitchen towels, potholders, wine caddies, spiced mug mats, and large tote bags. The fabric is made in the USA, and all products are designed & assembled in Hagerstown, Maryland. We made an exception for the cinnamon and cloves used in the spiced mug mats. That’s the only part of this gift that is not domestic. Best sellers!

Patterns available: Beehive, Black Cat, Bluebird, Blue Bunting, Butterfly & Agapanthus, Cardinal, Dragonfly, Goldfinch, Hummingbird, Peach, Pineapple, Queen Bee, Sunflower, and Wren. NEW! Hummingbird with Asters, Bird Assortment, Goldfinch & Bleeding Heart, and Warbler & Blueberries.

Spiced mug mats: $4.95; Potholders: $6.95; 2-pack flour sack towels: $16.95; wine caddy $5.95; gourmet gift caddy, $6.95; large tote bags $17.95; single towel, magnetic note pad and pen combo $13.95 each.

IMG_20200417_141658090  IMG_20200417_133035418


Manual Woodworkers & Weavers  Throws, wall decor, and pillows made of American fabric in Hendersonville, North Carolina. Large pillows $26.95-$28.95; medium $23.95; word pillows $12.95-$14.95.




Songbird Essentials  This “Hummingbird Ring” (pictured below, $4.95 each) is a best seller! Customers have sent videos to us of hummers drinking from these red flowers. Great fun for kids and adults of all ages! We also carry the Hummingbird Swing (pictured below, $14.95 each), lovely jigsaw puzzles from Cobble Hill, and bird-themed thermometers and note pads.

IMG_20210129_140623576  IMG_20210129_140550008

Cast Paper Art   Handmade paper hearts are infused with wildflower seeds. Use as an ornament, a gift bag decoration, or tuck inside a greeting or sympathy card. Plant and enjoy watching the seeds sprout and blossom! $1.95 each. Best seller!



Blossoms/Green Tree Jewelry  Laser cut wood earrings that are as light as a feather! Made in San Diego, California. $9.95 each.

IMG_20210704_110837396  IMG_20210704_110805826


Goose Pond Jewelry is handmade in Cumberland, Maine by the delightful artist Susan Pine. These elegant etched gold earrings are sure to please! Dragonfly, hummingbird, butterfly, scallops, sea turtles, sand dollars, starfish, tea for two, moon & stars, star & moon (1 of each), sun & moon (1 of each), filigree hearts, angels, Christmas trees, and tree of life circle. $21.95 each.

goose pond 1


Lucina K  Handmade pewter ring holders and scarf magnets (below) made in Quincy, Florida. These are charming and thoughtful gifts for any occasion! The ring holders are Magnolia and Dogwood ($16.95 each.) The scarf magnets ($12.95 each) are Sand Dollar, Sea Turtle, Dragonfly, Cherry Blossom, Butterfly, and Dogwood.


IMG_20210704_111017121 IMG_20210704_111306059 



Bates Family Farm  Goat’s milk Body Budders are available in 1-ounce and 4-ounce sizes: Honeysuckle, Peppermint, Lemongrass, Lavender, Coconut Mango, Cherry Vanilla, and our best-seller Georgia Peach. New fragrances are Cedar and Oranges & Honey. 1-ounce Body Budder $4.49 each; 4-ounce Body Budder $11.95.

We also stock the CBD comfort cream in a goat’s milk-based budder in Cedar, Lavender, Lemongrass, and Peppermint. 8-ounce comfort lotion $39. Their olive oil isn’t domestic, but everything else is made in the USA. Plus, we love to support a veteran-owned business! Made with love in Jonesville, Virginia.



Camille Beckman  An American classic since 1984 from Eagle, Idaho. Lotions, lip balm, bath soak salts, & body care products come in a variety of fragrances. Our personal favorite (tried and true for nearly thirty years) is the Glycerine Hand Therapy, available in Tuscan Honey, Glycerine Rosewater, Camille, French Vanilla, and English Lavender.

Sizes available: 6 oz. tube ($13.95), and 8 oz. jar ($16.95.)

Bath soak salts available in 3 oz. packets ($3.50) or 18 oz. jars ($17.95) in Wellness, Full Relaxation, and Beauty Bath.

NEW FRAGRANCE! White Peach & Creamy Gardenia, available in Glycerine Hand Therapy, 6 oz. tube ($15.95), glycerine bar soap ($4.95), Hand & Shower Gel ($16.95), and Silky Body Cream ($16.95). We have been using CB products since the mid-1990s and this is one of her all-time best fragrances.



Red Oak Lavender Farm is located in the North Georgia foothills close to the historic town of Dahlonega, growing lavender in Georgia for nine years. Lavender bloom season is only a few short weeks  – in Georgia, it’s the first half of June. The Georgia climate is completely wrong for lavender, but these folks have figured out which varieties are best suited for Georgia soil and weather conditions. These beautiful blossoms are cultivated by hand from over 4,000 plants, and the pure lavender essential oil and lavender hydrosol are distilled to make these high-quality personal care products. Try the bath bombs, Deep Sleep lavender linen spray, Blissful roll-on essential oil, and the lavender sachets.

*Southern Belles Soaps  These goat’s milk soaps are made right here in Warm Springs, Georgia using milk from local Georgia goats (of course!) Bars available in Magnolia, Honeysuckle, and Georgia Peach. $6.95 each. Handmade soap balls come in a variety of scents with essential oils. $5.95 each.  Best seller!




Aromatique The classic “Smell of Spring” decorative fragrance potpourri will refresh your home, car, or office. Available in a 6-ounce bag. Refresher oil sold separately. “Smell of Christmas” is available November-December.

Bevin Brothers Bell Company  Made in the USA since 1832, the Bevin family has been crafting bells in the same little town in central Connecticut.  Bevin Bros. makes most of the bells that the Salvation Army bell ringers use with their iconic kettles during the holiday season; it was a Bevin Gong Bell that opened and closed the NYSE for nearly seven decades; a Bevin Bell gave Clarence his wings in the iconic movie “It’s a Wonderful Life”;  Good Humor trucks ignited the taste buds of children growing up as they rang their Bevin Bells throughout the neighborhoods. We carry the “It’s a Wonderful Life” chrome bell ornament ($9.95) and silver-plated keepsake bell ($35), and the “Believe” sleigh bells ($4.95).

Cast Paper Art   Sweet handmade paper hearts infused with wildflower seeds. Use as an ornament or gift bag decoration. Can also be a nice touch to a sympathy card. Plant, keep moist, and enjoy watching the seeds sprout and blossom! $1.95 each. Best seller!

ChemArt/Beacon Design Ornaments  We have custom Warm Springs ornaments as well as a selection of beautiful ornaments in various designs. We also have ornaments for each branch of the military – Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Coast Guard, and the Space Force.

Earth Sky + Water  These elegant note cards feature beautiful paintings of birds, trees, flowers, and butterflies native to the Southeast. Over twenty designs available including Eastern Bluebird, Robin, Luna Moth, Goldfinch, Blue Morpho Butterfly, Eastern Tiger Swallowtail Butterfly, Hydrangea, Cardinals, and Peach. Christmas patterns include Mistletoe, Pinecones, and Lenten Roses. $9.95 each.



 *Jennifer Kimball Art   Original oil paintings featuring florals and night skies by local artist Jennifer Kimball.



*Mackenzie Myrick Art   Featuring the pen & ink drawings of local artist Mackenzie Myrick, you are sure to love these whimsical note cards. $6 each.



Soap Lift Sea Lark Enterprises, LLC is a woman owned, family-run company and the home of the original Soap Lift®. These pads keep your soap dish neat as the bottom of your soap bar wears down. Not only will the Soap Lift® help your soap last longer, you’re using a product that has been upcycled, too! Available in several designs as well as the all-purpose oval, in assorted colors. Waterfall dishes also available in clear, blue, sea green, and tan. $5.49 each.  Best seller!



The Porcelain Garden  Classically beautiful lithopane nightlights in a variety of designs. The lithopanes are 100% made in America from American clays, in a kiln especially designed and manufactured in California. The electric components and metal clips are not domestic. $28.95 each.

IMG_20180923_133730028_HDR  NR288__20623.1576501360


Tervis Tumblers  Insulated drinkware made in North Venice, Florida since 1946, and it comes with a lifetime guarantee (see their website for details.) These tumblers and mugs don’t “sweat” or bead up on the outside, and will keep your beverages hot or cold for a long time. Our designs include Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, and Coast Guard, as well as Georgia-themed and custom Warm Springs souvenir tumblers, and University of Georgia and Auburn University. Mug $16.95, 16-ounce tumbler $19.95, 24-ounce $21.95, water bottle $25.95.



Wind River Chimes (formerly QMT Windchimes)  Hand-tuned windchimes made in Manassas Park, Virginia. We carry the Corinthian Bells because of their reasonable price and excellent quality and tone. These are truly fine musical instruments.

Woodfield Press LLC features the charming and whimsical art of Cindy Hedrick of Alstead, New Hampshire.



* Georgia-based business

*Braswell’s   Jams, jellies, preserves, mustards, dressings, and honey from Statesboro, Georgia FEATURING THE BLUEBIRD COTTAGE SPECIAL LABEL. Every season is grilling season – try our tasty sauces! Ole’ Smokehouse Moppin’ sauce, Sweet Bourbon Grilling sauce (best seller), Vidalia Onion Steak Sauce, and Sweet Molasses BBQ sauce.  Best sellers!

Jellies, jams, dressings, and grilling sauces in standard 8.5- to 13.5-ounce jars or bottles: $5.95 each.

Dressings: Vidalia Onion Creamy Ranch, Creamy Vidalia Onion, Vidalia Onion/Sweet Pepper Vinaigrette, Vidalia Onion Poppyseed, Vidalia Onion Peppercorn, and Georgia Peach.

Jelly: Mango Jalapeno Pepper, Muscadine, and Red Pepper.

Preserves: Peach

Spreads:  Peach.

Butters: Apple, Peach

Mustards: Dill Pickle Mustard, Champagne Dill, & Hot Horseradish Mustard.

Honey: $9.95 each. Cinnamon, Ginger, Orange Blossom, Tea Time, Wild Berry, and Wildflower.



Carmie’s Kitchen  Delicious gourmet dip mixes by Pepper Springs Gourmet Dips from Wylie, Texas, including Artichoke Parmesan, Bacon Horseradish, Baked Enchilada, Caramelized Onion, Cheddar Bacon, Dilliest Dill, Fiesta Spinach, Baked Enchilada, Jalapeno Cheddar, Manana Mexican, Peppercorn Parmesan, Sweet Pepper Tomato, Country Cucumber, Roasted Garlic, JR’s Ranch, and Texas Wildfire. $3.49 each.

*Dillon Candy Company   (Fall thru Christmas) Delicious pecan log rolls and other delicacies made with Georgia pecans in Boston, Georgia. Classic taste of the South! At Christmas, we will have the Peppermint Divinity. Best seller!

Raven’s Original   (Fall thru Christmas) We’ve tried a number of different mulling spice mixes over the years, and this is far and away the very best. Her famous mulling spice mix isn’t only for Christmas. It makes a great ham glaze or a delicious cold beverage when mixed with fruit juice. Use it to boost a cake recipe. Check out her recipes on her website! 

Riley’s Original Seasonings  Riley’s is a tantalizing blend of nature’s finest spices, with no fillers. This stimulating taste is practically limitless in its uses. For all meats, fish, poultry, vegetables, soups, eggs, gravies, pizza, etc., a little bit goes a long way. This blend has been a favorite of the BBC owners for many years. Original and Salt-Free, $7.95 each.



We carry a variety of books written by Georgia authors!

“The Man Who Carved Stone Mountain” by Donna Faulkner Barron

“Georgia’s Confederate Monuments” by Gould Hagler

“For the Crown” by Randy Brown

“For My Grandchildren: The Civil War Letters of Pierre Starr, Surgeon of the 39th Ohio” by Bradley Quinlin

“Yankee Hotel: Andersonville Prison and Cemetery” by Bradley Quinlin

“I am not a hero; I hope a good citizen: Letters from Medal of Honor Recipients” by Bradley Quinlin

“Men of Iron: Medal of Honor Recipients from the Battles of Chickamauga and Chattanooga” by Bradley Quinlin

“Our Brethren are on the Field” by Bradley Quinlin

“Remember Me to All” by Bradley Quinlin

“The Longest & Hardest Campaign” by Bradley Quinlin

“Duty Well Performed” by Bradley Quinlin

“Good Night From Your Soldier” by Bradley Quinlin



Who doesn’t love a Georgia peach? Or our famous sweet onions from Vidalia, Georgia? We have a variety of Georgia and Southern-themed gifts. Need a gift basket? We can assemble a basket with your choices of items, or we’ll create one to fit any budget. Call or email us!

  • Warm Springs ($21.95) and Little White House ($19.95) ornaments
  • Souvenir magnets and postcards
  • Tervis tumblers – Sweet as a Georgia Peach, Warm Springs, Fala, Love GA
  • Georgia Peach butter, spread, preserves, chutney, and dressing
  • Vidalia onion relish
  • Vidalia onion dressings: Creamy, Sweet Pepper Vinaigrette, Peppercorn, Ranch
  • Peach boxed note cards $9.95 (other designs available)
  • White Peach & Creamy Gardenia glycerine hand therapy, shower gel, and silky body cream
  • Georgia Peach goat’s milk body budder (1 oz. $4.49, 4 oz. $11.50)
  • Soy candles in Sweet Tea, Magnolia, Gardenia, Gunpowder, Sunday Brunch, Cozy Cabin, Coffee Bean, and Antebellum. Small $10, large $30.

IMG_20200317_144428019  IMG_20210704_111803136

“Little White House Peaches” 16 oz. Tervis tumbler $22.95. Peach note cards $9.95. Set of 4 coasters $21.95. Peach design spiced mug mats $4.95. Sweet Tea large candle $34.

IMG_20210704_112103270  “Warm Springs Georgia” ornament $21.95




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