Our Story

The idea for the Bluebird Cottage began back in the mid-1980s, but was put on the back burner for a long time. The idea finally came to life in 2011 when a formal business plan was created. However, it was evident that it wasn’t quite the right time, and Atlanta definitely wasn’t the right place. So we waited another six years for the right place and the right time. We’d always held onto the belief that we would eventually be led to the place that would be “the one.”

We opened in December 2017 in Warm Springs and in March 2023, we moved to historic Pine Mountain, Georgia, home of Callaway Gardens.

The name “The Bluebird Cottage” was chosen in loving memory of the owner’s grandmother Lorena. She adored bluebirds. One of her joys was to send greeting cards with bluebirds on them, along with a handwritten note. She would mail these cards to treasured friends and family only on special occasions. If someone received one of these cards, that meant they were very special indeed. She was a generous giver, and doing kind and thoughtful things for other people brought her great happiness.

A portion of our sales is donated to charities that support our veterans, active-duty service personnel, and police & fire departments. Among them are the Honor Flight Network, Blue Thanksgiving, and the Fisher House Foundation. We also contribute to organizations that work to preserve our American history.

We hope you will enjoy shopping our all-American gift and gourmet lines, brought to you with the best of Southern tradition and hospitality.

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